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Ensaimeitor Generador de texto Chomsky

Cuando encontramos este algoritmo en una receta de ActiveState supimos que teníamos que emplearlo en nuestros textos de prueba. Total, se entiende igual que el latín y tiene la misma información que un discurso político

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Suppose, for instance, that the notion of level of grammaticalness
cannot be arbitrary in an abstract underlying order.
We will bring evidence in favor of the following thesis: this analysis
of a formative as a pair of sets of features appears to correlate rather
closely with problems of phonemic and morphological analysis.
On our assumptions, the natural general principle that will subsume this
case is unspecified with respect to a stipulation to place the
constructions into these various categories.
To characterize a linguistic level L, relational information is not to
be considered in determining nondistinctness in the sense of distinctive
feature theory.
Thus a descriptively adequate grammar is not subject to a corpus of
utterance tokens upon which conformity has been defined by the paired
utterance test.
Clearly, the theory of syntactic features developed earlier is not quite
equivalent to irrelevant intervening contexts in selectional rules.
With this clarification, an important property of these three types of
EC delimits an abstract underlying order.
Thus the speaker-hearer's linguistic intuition appears to correlate
rather closely with the extended c-command discussed in connection with
If the position of the trace in (99c) were only relatively inaccessible
to movement, the fundamental error of regarding functional notions as
categorial raises serious doubts about a stipulation to place the
constructions into these various categories.
Analogously, the systematic use of complex symbols delimits a parasitic
gap construction.

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